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BlueFlag founder Tony in his youth, like many people, experienced rebellious periods, under pressure from family, school, work, and social inequality, but he was not depressed. He believed that every young man should respect rebellious periods, enjoy  it , rather than be bound by too many rules. Later, he founded the factory to incorporate his own taste and fashion sensitivity into Blueflag brands, not only reshaping the American consumer goods industry, but also affecting Europe's entertainment consumer market.


Blueflag encourage young people to advocate freedom, keep a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, carry forward the indomitable spirit of struggle, Blueflag is widely praised for its continuous pursuit of innovation, good at scientific research and development, excellent product quality. Blueflag cream whip, stainless steel cream dispenser products have been sold in the European and American markets. Trade with many small and medium-sized enterprises.


Since the birth of the Blueflag, there have been countless innovations and creations, such as in the product produce process, n2o purity to 100% , and  prevent gas leakage, products, packaging more light and sophisticated, and so on. In marketing, we support product trial, shopping gifts and so on. Blueflag always adhere to the original intention of serving young people, provide everyone with channels to release pressure, maintain good communication with people, optimistic attitude towards the world, never give up the spirit is still the brand for people to bring guidance and inspiration.

Blueflag brand spirit has been continued and become a valuable foundation for future development. Its cooperation with fashion influencers, the pursuit of breakthrough in science and technology and the huge and loyal consumer group are the reasons for Blueflag success. And blueflag journey of freedom and enjoyment will continue forever.

Company Name: Shanxi Tianrong Yingxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Company Address: No. 1 South of Gaoxin 19th Road, High-tech Development Zone, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province

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