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How to make cheese dessert |

How to make cheese dessert |

Oct 14 , 2020

Stainless steel whip cream dispenser

Cakes are sweet, and actually making dessert food is also happy. Different cakes represent different moods and meanings. I believe everyone has eaten cheese cream cake, but very few people know how to cook it. In fact, the process is not difficult, the next step is to share the simple production steps.

Materials you need to prepare before starting:

* Cake powder

* Multiple eggs

* White sugar

* cheese powder

* milk

* Corn oil

* Abrasive

* N2O cream charger and whip cream dispenser

Now let’s make our cheese cream cake

1) Add the granulated sugar to the whole egg three times and beat with an electric whisk.

2) Sift the flour in three times to make the batter and flour mix evenly.

3) Add the cheese powder and stir evenly (remember not to stir in circles).

4) Stir the milk and corn oil thoroughly.

5) Slowly pour the mixture of milk and corn oil into the egg batter and stir evenly.

6) Put the paper tray into the kitchen mold.

7) Pour the cake batter into the prepared paper tray and shake out bubbles. .

8) Preheat the oven and heat up and down to 160 degrees for about 20 minutes.

9) After the cake cools down, use the N2O fresh cream charger and whip cream dispensers to squeeze out nice cream.

Is it easy to make cheese cakes~ Cream is the key point of cheese butter cakes, and the cream that is not asked can make the cake more delicious and beautiful. Here you can recommend the Blue Flag brand. The whip cream changers and whip cream dispensers of this brand not only guarantee safety, but also ensure the health of the ingredients, but also ensure the freshness and deliciousness of the cream.

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