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Want to know what makes Whipped Cream so beautiful on TV?

Want to know what makes Whipped Cream so beautiful on TV?

Jan 08 , 2021
This is the inside information you have been looking for.To create a perfect and beautiful vortex in the cream, all you need to do is to slowly stir the tip of the cream dispenser as the milk is released from the tip of the nozzle.

Yes, that's right. Nothing to think about, the distributor itself does most of the heavy lifting for you.

If everything seems too simple and you are still curious about how the actual cream is produced, please continue reading for a few minutes.

Next, we will explore the science in this area.

How to form whipped cream
We just introduced how to use the whipped cream dispenser in depth.

However, some of you may be curious about what is happening inside the dispenser to make such a perfect cream as the final product.

It works as follows.

Remember when we added the ingredients in step 1?

Well, at this stage, it is also recommended to use whipped cream with a fat content of 27-36%.

This is for a specific reason.

When you put the charged N20 cartridge into the tank, it will immediately dissolve the cream mixture you originally poured into the fat.

Now, when you pull open the dispenser lever, the cream dispenser will cause the N20 to expand inside the fat molecules, eventually releasing your cream through the nozzle tip.

Isn't it cool?

Although a little complicated, it is a simple and easy to understand process.

After using the cream dispenser, you must still know how to clean it properly.

This is the last topic we will briefly introduce before sending the packaging and en route.

Clean cream machine
Cleaning the cream dispenser is no more complicated than using the dispenser. For starters, you will want to remove the tip of the used cartridge holder and dispenser.

To remove the tip of the dispenser, you only need to turn it over and remove the gasket, which is usually made of rubber or silicone. From here, just pull the head out.

Now, you only need to clean the dispenser and dispenser head with soap and water, respectively. Make sure to clean the dispenser and dispenser head completely, and then let all parts of the dispenser dry completely before use.

After the components are completely dry, you can simply reassemble the dispenser and prepare and prepare it for the next set of cupcakes or fruit cups. It's that simple.

A whipped cream machine is essential in any kitchen
Although whipped cream dispensers may not be used every day, they do serve their purpose and belong to every kitchen. Who doesn't want the perfect fluff on some of their favorite dishes? With the ease of use, assembly and cleaning of the cream dispenser, it would be crazy if there was not one.

I assure you that for the cost of most cream dispensers, it is undoubtedly a product that can bring you ten times the return on your original investment. But now is the time for me to hand over the floor to you.
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