How do I use nitrous oxide (N2O) chargers (whippets)?

Aug 20 , 2020
Making delicious whip cream with our nitrous oxide chargers and dispensers is extremely easy. Nitrous Oxide gas is used in the preparation of whipped cream recipes and other foam creations like espuma and mousse desserts. Do not use the carbon dioxide (CO2) Soda chargers you find on our site for whipping cream or espuma preparation, the result will be carbonated cream. Essentially, the "stabilizing agents" in the liquid bind with the nitrous oxide to create a foam. These stabilizing agents are the milk fats, gelatins, or some other material. Nitrogen is a naturally occurring gas in the air we breathe, and in fact accounts for approximately 80% of our atmosphere. This gas is responsible for binding to the milk fats when you prepare the whipped cream with a whisk. The whip cream canisters and nitrous oxide chargers we sell make the process much easier and more predictable. Each charger contains 8 grams of pure nitrous oxide which is adequate for up to 1 pint of liquid whipping cream. Detailed instructions about the use of nitrous oxide whip cream chargers (whippets) whipped cream dispensers (whippers) are included with every order.
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